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Title uncannysfvalley: volume 1
Artist Casey Kauffmann
Drop Date 12/6/21 9am PT
Total Supply 40
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I started my Instagram @ucannysfvalley in 2014, which includes GIFs and collages created using only my iPhone and found images. These digital works are rooted in collage and the classical net-art process of the online search, aggregation, and manipulation of “poor images,” a term coined by artist and writer Hito Steyerl.To summarize Steyerl, poor images are popular images. Images that have imprinted upon them a material degradation in quality (classically defined by resolution) resulting from their infinite exchange through online image economies. Within this imprint is embedded invisible anonymous global networks built upon shared histories, interests, desires, and anxieties. For years I have sourced my images from Tumblr, Instagram, and Google, accumulating a collection of material from all corners of the internet. These works serve as an intervention into the online representation of women. Using depictions of women often authored by men, I supplant their original meaning, recontextualizing them within a framework of my imagination. I employ sparkly, pink, feminine coded aesthetics, commonly associated with cultural constructs of superficiality. @uncannysfvalley uses these aesthetics of surface material to subvert attachments of emotive representations of femme identity to frivolity, revealing a more thoughtful and sinister reality. This body of work aims to capture the conceptual and material accessibility of online image economies. The work throughout @uncannysfvalley reflects and records the current events of popular culture and my own experience, serving as a both literal and figurative timeline. To connect these digital works to their roots in Instagram I use hashtags to title my collages and videos. These hashtags are often sourced from the image's original caption utilizing signature humor and double entendre found throughout my account.

Uncannysfvalley Volume 1 includes collage works made and posted to my Instagram account. In this collection of @uncannysfvalley works, there are several significant unifying themes and aesthetics which characterize these 40 unique collage works. Most notably, these works celebrate the shameless validation seeking facilitated by social media platforms as a form of community building. @uncannysfvalley operates under the ethos of vulnerability and the exposure of private experience and desire as a tool for building connections. Many of the collages in Volume 1 also serve as unabashed expressions of femme sexuality from my perspective. This includes a combination of ugly truths and frustrations alongside exuberant proclamations of ecstasy and pleasure-seeking.

@uncannysfvalley advocates for a metric of valuation which aligns with Hito Steryel’s conception of an image's quality being measured by its popularity, subverting classist notions of high resolution and elitist tech-fetishization as an indication of value. I am interested in accessibility and the structure of exchange that brings these images to me through popular networks and shared experience not based on the “real” or the original image, but rather on the life and conditions of exchange that reconstitutes the poor image. For this and so many other reasons, @uncannysfvalley belongs on the blockchain as NFTs. They belong on a traceable constellation of data both in an effort to preserve these images and to engage in the new decentralized network of exchange subverting formerly elitist structures of monetization for artists and antiquated notions of intelle.ctual property

Casey Kauffmann is an interdisciplinary artist whose digital and drawing practices address the contemporary performance of self as it relates to her experience of femme representation, social media, and reality television. She received her MFA from The University of Southern California and her Bachelor of Arts from The Evergreen State College in Washington. Kauffmann’s work has been featured in Tush Magazine, LAWeekly, The New Yorker, I-D Vice, and has been exhibited in galleries such as Transfer Gallery, the Brand Library in Glendale, Lyles and King, Coaxial, Arebyte, Cirrus, and more. Kauffmann’s collage Instagram project @uncannysfvalley, which she started in 2014, features digital collage works and GIFs created using only her iPhone. The pieces Kauffmann posts to this account are an ever-accumulating collection of material from all corners of the internet, sourced from Tumblr, Instagram, and Google. Her drawing practice functions as an inquiry into representation of femme emotion and hysteria in both art history and popular culture.


The Uncannysfvalley Solo exhibition with NFT Oasis happens on Saturday and Sunday December 4th and 5th in the metaverse from 2-4pm PST. There will be a screening curated by @uncannysfvalley creator Casey Kauffmann titled Everyone’s Doing the Emails on the 4th and an artist talk with curator Wade Wallerstein at 10am on Twitter Spaces.

Uncannysfvalley Volume 1 is an NFT collection including a selection of 40 collages and a special series of 3 new video works called Technofetishism. These works will be available for minting through the morning of Monday December 6th.

How to Attend The Exhibition and Talk Reserve free tickets using this eventbrite link and you will receive instructions on how to join. To attend the artist talk just hop onto Twitter at 10am PST on Sunday December 5th and follow Wade Wallerstein @habitual_truant and Casey Kauffmann @uncannysfvalley.

***Casey Kauffmann has been selected to participate in Arch Mission's (HTTP:// next project. Some of her work will be included in a repository of NFT art that will be sent and stored on the surface of the moon.