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Title SITE of WEBS
Artist Jessica Hang
Drop Date 10/19/2021 8AM PT
Total Supply 1000
Prints Owned 132
Chain ETH
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A lot of images look like smoke. My name is obfuscated in this smoke. I enjoy the childlike squiggles borne of code - but this is not that.

I’m working with an aerospace engineer - I am a sculptor and he is my developer. I’ve entangled the two of us in this project of 1000 mints. It’s pretty sexy.

Speaking of entanglement, I saw two female spiders hanging dead from a web the other day. (Did you know that female golden orb weavers are 20x larger than their itty bitty male counterparts?) Their legs were knotted up in their own site of webs.

These spiders compose themselves more elegantly, more decisively than what I can do with my hands on a page. It’s their weight and their gravity, the strength of their silks and webs, the collapsing and simultaneous unfolding of their bodies so perfectly within the circumstance of their death.

People say code is like a language - but I prefer to think about it as an environment - a set of circumstances divined by a guiding hand… or a guiding principle if you’re against personification. It is the high-pressure system of fog. It is the pink sky that manifests from a storm moving from west to east. It is the serendipitous meeting of two spiders on a web built for one. The exact instance of a when someone commits and mints.

process of script generation, courtesy of the artist

SITE of WEBS is a generative artwork using 4 chambers of multifaceted properties. The work was created on a tropical island as a collaboration between a visual artist and an aerospace engineer.  The script invokes patterns and networks - simultaneously biological and technological - with both diffusive and concentrated qualities embodied by smoke, clouds, vapor, and human migratory patterns. Spiderwebs and people moving through the city or across greater expanses of time and space leave invisible tracks which form intricate networks with self-discovering moments of density and sparsity.   The script is a deliberately written instrument where each mint generates and makes visual these organic processes of intricate patterning which emerge from the seed of intentionality.  

Details Jessica Hang (b. 1991 Chinatown, Los Angeles) is an artist living and working in Taiwan. She has exhibited her works internationally and is the recipient of multiple honors and awards. She has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Southern California and is a co-director of the artist-run space Mother Culture.

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