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Title Hashmusic 1: Hashflowers
Artist Elliot Cole
Total Supply 100
Prints Owned 100
Mint Price
About Hashmusic is generative music based on melodies drawn from Ethereum block hashes, created by composer Elliot Cole. Hashflowers is the genesis collection of 100 pieces created in collaboration with artist Maxwell Arkin, based on the songs sung by the first 7 block hashes on the Ethereum blockchain. Blending the algorithmic, natural, and the handmade, these unique pieces invite you to get lost in dreamlike sonic forests of hashy meditation and contemplation.


For an in-depth look at the technical and musical process used to create these pieces, read the blog post by Elliot Cole:

For announcements about future projects, drops, and events from Elliot Cole, join the telegram group.  To listen to the hashflowers as a continuous album, visit the vinyl preview playlist.

Perks of Owning a Hashflower

If you currently or have ever owned a hashflower, you can:

  • claim a free vinyl double LP of the music (claim yours here, while supplies last)
  • meet the artist (zoom call with Elliot)
  • get free VIP access to future performance events

Elliot Cole is a composer, producer, and "charismatic contemporary bard" (NY Times) whose music evokes “sparkling icicles of sound” (Rolling Stone). He scored the VR experience Evolver (e.d. Terrence Malick), alongside Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead) and Wu Tang Clan, and he has written for and performed with GRAMMY Winners Roomful of Teeth, GRAMMY Nominees A Far Cry, and many other ensembles. He teaches composition and music technology at Juilliard. His music is widely performed around the world.

Maxwell Arkin was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. His work for artist Travis Scott and fashion designer Virgil Abloh successfully combines graphic and conceptual design. Arkin has an innate curiosity that helps him absorb various inspirations and recontextualize them in new and exciting ways. He is currently concentrating on projects in product innovation, obscuring the clean-cut definitions that have traditionally shrouded it.

Initial mint at 1 NFT for 0.4 ETH occurred on Wednesday September 8 at 6PM PT. 12 team tokens chosen at random were pre-minted for the team and 3 tokens were reserved for community gifting.
  • 6 - Elliot Cole
  • 3 - Maxwell Arkin
  • 1 - Henry Canton & James Canton
  • 2 - Scorpio


Poppies are created with melodies drawn from block hash 0 of the Ethereum chain. 3% of hashflowers are Poppies.

Black Eyed Susans
Black Eyed Susans are created with melodies drawn from block hash 1 of the Ethereum chain.  13% of the hashflowers are Black Eyed Susans.

Pansies are created with melodies drawn from block hash 2 of the Ethereum chain.  9% of the hashflowers are Pansies.

Tulips are created with melodies drawn from block hash 3 of the Ethereum chain.  14% of the hashflowers are Tulips.

Peonies are created with melodies drawn from block hash 4 of the Ethereum chain. 12% of the hashflowers are Peonies.

Signet Marigolds
Signet Marigolds are created with melodies drawn from block hash 5 of the Ethereum chain. 27% of the hashflowers are Signet Marigolds.

Roses are created with melodies drawn from block hash 6 of the Ethereum chain. 10% of the hashflowers are Roses.

Scorpion Grasses
Scorpion Grasses are ENIGMA FLOWERS. They are created with melodies drawn from a mystery block hash. If you can decode the hash from the music, contact us for a prize. 10% of the hashflowers are Scorpion Grasses.



The music holds two more attributes: the musical scale used, and whether or not the piece is a Ghost.  These attributes can be seen under “Properties” on OpenSea.

Musical scales:

Ghost hashflowers are shimmering, shadowy remixes of other hashflowers.  There is one in each category of flower.  They are numbered 095-100.

Each hash melody is stored in the NFT metadata.

Category Supercollider